In production is a self help, instructional DVD on photography. Stay tuned for further details.

Also coming soon will be some very limited edition photographic prints.

In the meantime, while this website is being launched, we offer the following article for those who may be planning to throw away their water damaged photographs. This advice is offered as a service and Cool Crafts accepts no responsibility for further damage to any photographs.


Your flood affected photographs can be saved!

What you will need:

Warm water,

Two containers to hold around four litres of water,

Dishwashing liquid,

Lint free cloth or a squeegee,

A hair dryer,

* True photographic paper is made to be emerged in water, during the photographic process. Cool Crafts consigns its print orders to a high quality photo lab that uses Kodak professional paper which can make it through floods and has an archival life of 200 years.


- Place the photographs or saturated albums into warm water. This will remove any sediment and dirt.

- Allow them to soak until they freely come apart. This could take a few hours. Take your time as the water will not harm the photographs.



- After the photographs separate, remove any dirt by wiping or washing under a tap and then place them in a second bath of warm water.

- This time add two or three drops of washing liquid to each litre of water - this will work as a wetting agent which will allow the print to dry without spotting.



Remove the photographs from the bath. Please remember wet photographic emulsion, (photo surface), is delicate and can scratch easily.

Squeegee the prints or remove excess water with a moist lint free cloth. You can now dry your photographs with a hair dryer.


Please pass this on Ė tell others about this process, so they donít needlessly discard their treasured memories.


This technique will not work for ink jet prints or various other printing methods. It is only recommended for true photographic process prints. The decision to try this technique should be made on an individual basis on the understanding that the water damaged photographs will be lost if there is no intervention. If you have any doubts, seek professional advice.


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